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Dacian Command


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Dacian Command , pour le jeu Hail Caesar

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Dacian Command de Warlord Games, Blister, pour le jeu Hail Caesar

The Dacians were, by Roman accounts, a savage bunch. Then again they thought everyone non-Roman was a savage. They may well have been right!

Warlord's new Dacian command group are a brutal front rank for any Legionary to come across. They carry a Draco standard fluttering its Serpent shaped head in the wind. One of them rasps out a blaring call on his carynx encouraging his followers to greater heights of ferocity. If that was not enough, the third man in this party is a broad shouldered brute who scorns the traditional shield and instead carries two lethal looking falx hand axes, all the better to batter Roman shields down with.

This trio form a great new command group for your Dacians and of course can be modelled as other "hairy barbarians" for other period armies.

Models come supplied unassembled and unpainted

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Dacian Command

Dacian Command

Dacian Command , pour le jeu Hail Caesar

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