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Kubelwagen pour les forces de l'axes dans Bolt Action

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The Kubelwagen was the military version of the Volkswagen and proved a reliable, rugged and much-liked little workhorse that saw action on every front from the start of the war.

Although it lacked the four-wheel drive of Allied Jeeps, this was compensated to some extent by its lighter construction, locking differential and good ground clearance. It could carry four men - three plus a driver - sufficient to carry a weapon team or an HQ unit


1 resin Kubelwagen1 metal driver with two separate heads - covered helmet or fieldmetal pieces for detailing including options for raised or folded down canopy and an optional MG42


Type: Transports and TowsWeapons: NoneDamage Value: 6+ (soft skin)Transport: up to 3 menNB: Can also be inexperienced and veteran and can have a pintle-mounted MMG with 360-degree arc of fire, see Bolt Action rulebook for more details

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Kubelwagen pour les forces de l'axes dans Bolt Action

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