Unmarried Zulus


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Unmarried Zulus pour le Jeu Black Powder

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Unmarried Zulus pour le jeu Black Powder de Warlord Games. (Boite - Plastic) Anglo-Zulu War

Usuthu! The feared Zulu warcry of 'Kill!' shouted by hundreds of brave, fierce warriors would put fear into the hearts of most men. The men shouting this battle-cry have a lot to prove as they are the unmarried warriors of the Zulu impis. Zulu tradition held that until they 'washed their spears' in the blood of an enemy of the King they could not choose a girl to marry, so closing and killing an enemy ensured a bride and a greatly enhanced status.

These young bloods moved swiftly in extended order, sniping with their selection of antique firearms or hurling long spears some 30 yards with great accuracy.

Although generally stripping down for close quarter fighting, a Zulu dressed in full regalia was an awe-inspiring sight, with monkey tails, otter fur, cow tails and crane feathers creating a look that might overwhelm a foe by looks alone.

Warlord Games give you the chance to field whole unique regiments or to field some of the more traditional units, and however you assemble and paint them they will look a brave sight on the battlefield. Take out a pre-order for these superb plastics right here, right now!

Plastic components to make 32 Unmarried Zulus1 metal InDuna on foot

Released week commencing 5th December - earlier if we can manage it!

The David Rattray Memorial Trust

Warlord Games have taken the opportunity, with the release of our Anglo-Zulu War range, to give something back to the people of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. We are very proud to support the David Rattray Memorial Trust, and organisation that does outstanding educational and development work in KwaZulu Natal.

Anybody who takes a trip to see Rorkes Drift or Isandlwana battle sites today will see the impact that this charity has on the local population.

You can make a donation to the David Rattray Memorial Trust by selecting a donation amount from the menu below each of our Anglo-Zulu War products. Please take the time to visit the charity's web site for more information at www.davidrattraymemorialtrust.org.

The David Rattray Memorial Trust is a UK registered charity: UK Charity No. 1119353

26 Gosfield Street

The models in this set are supplied unpainted and unassembled.


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Unmarried Zulus

Unmarried Zulus

Unmarried Zulus pour le Jeu Black Powder

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