Black Powder Rulebook


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Black Powder Rulebook pour le jeu Black Powder

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Black Powder Rulebook pour le jeu Black Powder, livre de jeu en anglais

Black Powder is a game for the militarily inclined gentlemen with straight backs, bristling beards and rheumy eyes that have seen a thing or two. If tales of battle and glory in days-gone-by stir nothing in your breast, if the roar of cannon does not quicken the pulse and set fire in the belly, then this is not the rule set for you. These rules are not a light hearted adventure but one to be tackled by the strong heart.

Full Colour

184 pages

Hard back

Rules for warfare covering 1700-1900

7 Battle reports

Reference sheet

Extraordinary photographs of probably the worlds' best painted miniatures and the finest military collections

Written by the hugely talented and handsome Rick Priestley and the very tall Jervis Johnson

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Black Powder Rulebook

Black Powder Rulebook

Black Powder Rulebook pour le jeu Black Powder

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